Wednesday, January 7, 2009

'Caviar for the Wrist'

Our first post for the New Year comes with a bang courtesy of Hublot

In keeping with its sleek, innovative watch styling, Hublot opened an equally eye-catching boutique on Geneva’s Rue CĂ©ard in December. The store's front two windows feature LCD lights that illuminate the timepieces from below to give the appearance that they are floating in front of blue background. Upon entering the boutique, customers can get a sense of Hublot’s storied past through historical footage projected like a watermark onto large transparent glass surfaces throughout the store.

The opening of the boutique is timed with the release of the company’s latest creation: the One Million $ Black Caviar Bang tourbillion watch, a striking gold model with 322 black diamonds invisibly set to conceal any sign of metal. The $1 million watch, which takes more than 2,000 hours of labor to create, is available by special order only

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